Knowledge: we work for you

The knowledge of our firm has well defined and clear parameters; this is the way we like to work.


Be the legal adviser firm in the Dominican Republic, well known for offering a personalized integral service, highly qualify and in a minor time possible.


Offer a legal and specialized service, insuring the execution of our clients ´expectations by a team committed with high quality standard, in an environment in which predominates the professional ethics and the integral development of ours partners and of our society.


Nothing can be accomplished if it is not sustained by some principles and values that define you as entity and that form part of each decision and action taken, transmitting to clients and related people that we are coherent with what we say and what we do.

Work in team: Each partner is responsible of its functions but we always promote the cooperation for the development of each one of the activities.

Concern for the Firm: It is the sense of membership that all of us choose, we must provide concern to the needs of the entity, offer solutions, promote improving ideas in profit of all the collaborators.

Respect: We promote an environment where we put dignity and tolerance on the work team and toward our clients.

Sense of research: We analyze the source of the information deeply and we develop it while our practice progresses and develops itself to guarantee an optimal answer to the needs of our clients.

Development: We are at the vanguard with the proceedings, the arguments and the approaches that with the time become obsolete, we are innovators in our practice and we reach the personal and professional development.

Honesty: The practice of honesty allows us to strengthen the bonds between us, generating trust in everything we perform; it gives us the strength for facing conflicts and mistakes for profit of common good.

Diligence: This value allows us to be proactive in the spiral of the firm, ensuring the efficiency of our actions toward our internal and external clients. We must be active to obtain a better service.

Good presentation: It is important to maintain the work area as an example of order and cleanness. All the associates project an image of professional ethics, integrity, and soberness that distinguish the firm.


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